Our Misson

Our mission is to welcome seafaring strangers from all over the world into our community with friendship and assistance. Coming from over 86 countries, these visiting mariners profit from the rest and respite we offer.


We are committed to welcoming seafarers in the Port of Vancouver, USA regardless of country, language, class or creed.  

Our Center

  • Welcome to Ft. Vancouver, USA
  • Transport to shopping in our seafarers center vans
  • Communication services
  • Great souvenir and snack shop
  • Television, games and relaxation

β€œThe Ft. Vancouver Seafarers Center continues to serve those who are so often forgotten.  Without them, seafarers in the Port would never get access to the many services that they need.”


Dr. Jason Zuidema,

Executive Director

North American Maritime Ministry Association (www.namma.org)

Since the implementation of strict Homeland Security regulations in the last decade, it has become even more difficult for seafarers to leave their ships while in port.  After many months at sea, these hard-working men and women like to relax for a few hours or do some needed shopping.  The FVSC is one of the only methods by which crews can leave their ships--and certainly the most convenient!  Since the days in which mariners could just walk over to our center or to the city are gone, our transportation services have become essential to their well-being.

The Importance of Our Work


25 December 2014


​What can you give for Christmas Gift Bags?

17 September 2014

Rev. Andrew Wright of the Mission to Seafarers spoke at a benefit evening